I just want to say thank you to my family and friends for taking time out of their busy lives to come out last night to support me and the Imagine Me Foundation’s Celebration of Life for Breast Cancer Survivors! They showed up and represented well! MY team Shined Bright Like a Diamond!! I’M WINNING!! Thank you Imagine Me Foundation for the recognition! Thank you Lord for being so amazing! —- Kimberly S. Oklahoma City

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in June 2013, when my wife and I heard those words from the doctor time stood still. Soon after I had surgery and started chemotherapy treatments. At times the question “why me” would pop into my head and at times I felt as if I was alone and no one understood what I was going through, I at times didn’t understand what I was going through. Through it I wasn’t alone, I had my wife, kids, family and friends. I’ve also heard about many cancer foundations and it happen to be that a very good friend of mine wife runs a foundation by the name of “Imagine Me Foundation”. The foundation reached out to my family and I, to which I was an honoree at one of the charity dinners it host annually. It was an evening I’ll always remember as I was about halfway through my chemotherapy treatments and I was able to meet others who had or were going through similar battles with cancer. This was definitely a positive process in helping me cope with some my struggles. I am grateful for such an organization that takes the time to give back to those in need within the local community. I also look forward to continuing to attend the annual charity dinner to honor those who continue to fight and to hopefully share my story to help inspire those who may be struggling as I once was.

I hope this helps out, really hard to put my thoughts down on paper.

Dave L.

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